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What Neil Armstrong Really Taught the World

August 28, 2012

Very saddened by the death of Neil Armstrong – I was very impressed with his humility and desire to share credit with others.

This from the Daily Beast:

Armstrong’s lesson came in the years after he returned to Earth. First he took a NASA desk job in Washington. Then, the man with one of the world’s most recognizable names went back to school for a master’s in aeronautical engineering at University of Southern California. He took a job teaching his craft at the respectable but quaint University of Cincinnati. When book agents and network news reporters came knocking, he turned them down. He moseyed occasionally around Lebanon, Ohio, where he owned a farm, and asked locals to respect his privacy.

I requested interviews twice with Armstrong in what turned out to be the final years of his life. Both times I was politely told he simply wasn’t interested. He never wanted to be used as a simple quote in a story about space policy or to let a magazine use his image to boost readership. Asked regularly about his feelings when taking that first step, Armstrong would routinely fall back on the same sentiment. “I was certainly aware that this was the culmination of the work of 300,000 to 400,000 people over a decade.”


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